David Phenicie at Molly Malone's Los Angeles 2011 by Kent Geib


David began his music life at a young age in the late 1970’s. Playing piano, guitar, and several brass instruments, including French horn, and he was in every school band (Symphonic, Jazz, Pit Orchestras, etc…). But the bass guitar became his main love and he joined his first rock band in 1981.

Idlewild, a more blues based southern rock band, was together seven years from 1984 until the tragic death of drummer/vocalist Eddie Jones in 1991. Though never having an official release the band recorded and performed some great music and occasionally reunited.

David’s next journey was to Los Angeles in 1992, to be a bass player — and maybe join the Wrecking Crew — but was recruited as the lead singer for the rock band Smith House Rag and began performing the Sunset Strip clubs through the 90’s and 2000’s.

As a singing bass player, David also wound up in a few Americana / country rock bands through those decades. The Lazy Stars, Northern Lights, Shurman, and Stonehoney were his bands, as well as backing other established artists such as Lowen & Navarro, Eddie Money, Darrell Scott, and Rosie Flores to name a few.

While touring with his last band Stonehoney, the band signed with Music Road Records and moved to Austin, Texas in 2009. When the band went on hiatus in late 2011, David went home to Maryland to take care of his ailing mother and has been there since taking care of family. During this decade he reunited with L.A. friend James O’Connell and recorded more originals, started a band called The Suitors with James, Ricky Wise, and Parthenon Huxley, and played on a couple of P-Hux’s solo albums. Parthenon also invited David to perform E.L.O.’s music with The Orchestra including shows in Europe and South America.

So now… despite a rough start to this decade for all of us in 2020 … David has prepared himself for a few solo albums to be released soon, including an official release of Long Lonely Time, an album made in 2006 with James O’Connell in Silver Lake, California. There are also new recordings made with old friend Jose Silva in 2018-20 coming.

Wishing all of us happy and healthy times ahead… Look for David to be touring and singing his songs in venues all across the country soon.

Photo by Kent Geib.
  1. Smile Again David Phenicie 3:20
  2. Melinda David Phenicie 3:56
  3. Please Don't Say Goodnight David Phenicie 2:59